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The Wapping developer documentation is designed to address the following topics:

1.- APIs. Access to Checkout API (the only one mandatory API to integrate Wapping) and some optional APIs

2.- DOCS. Contains the documentation regarding the simulation tool available to speed up integration process

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Wapping Integration Process

Wapping Omnichannel Loyalty Platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) aimed for retail industry, which connects transactionally to every business sales channel to collect in real-time during a checkout process (either in ecommerce or physical stores) customer data (who the customer is and what customer is purchase at a receipt line level) and replies applying customer benefits according to the specific programs, promotions, services that a customer has into his wallet at that moment and are eligible to be redeemed according to the purchase order.

In addition, Wapping connects with social media to track, register and incentivate customer behaviors beyond transactions. All the customer data is registered an UNIQUE ID per customer providing an unified, omnichannel, 360º vision of the customer. This reliable data under a unique ID per customer is the base to build dynamic audiences to whom address personalized proposals, services and benefits according to their gender, age, place of residences, tastes, preferences, historical purchases,... and as every sales channel is connected "transactionally", all services are automatically applied during checkout process in a new, smoothy shopping experience, no matter the customer is purchasing in ecommerce or in a physical store.

There are two factors that make Wapping a unique platform:

  1. A end-to-end customer intelligence and loyalty platform aimed specifically for retail industry. Wapping combines a customer data platform (CDP) with an omnichannel digital services engine providing the most complete set of loyalty tools and programs (points/saving programs, rewards, promotions, coupons, prizes,...) plus additional specific retail services (gift vouchers, gift card, deposit card, digital receipt) that customers enjoy on an digital wallet, integrated in brand´s ecommerce, brand´s app or as Mobile Pass in Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

  2. A very simple connection process, requiring only 1 API to integrate. This is possible, because Wapping, unlike most of loyalty solutions based on API integration that manage customer information as a repossitory of data to be checked via differente APIs (events, levels, points, discounts,...) that requieres to implement logic in the clients (POS, Ecommerce,...), Wapping manages for every customer a Wallet (of services) in the brand, avoiding business to implement logic on their side and providing a very simple and fast integration process. It actually works as a gateway of services, where the full logic: consumption, rules, redemptions, calendars of application,... is managed by the platform according to the settings of the different services, campaigns,.. that marketing team build in Wapping Manager tool. No code, no logic has to be programmed or supported in the POS/Ecommerce for the retailer IT team as the full logic is performed by the platform and applied through the Checkout API.

Beyond the speed and the easy of integration, this platform approach provides that every new service, every innovation, does not requires an additional integration process with POS or Ecommerce, as the Checkout API connection supports the application of existing services and future services.

Wapping offers a flexible approach to build different loyalty schemes, from simple points/rewards programs to the finest schemes with hyper-personalized programs, campaings or benefits according to special groups of customers, historical purchasing behavior and more than 100 different parameters.

Wapping Loyalty Platform communicates via standard REST protocols. It has been designed form the scratch to be headless and connects via high performance, low latency, robust REST APIs. Data integrity and security is maintained using key-based signing mechanisms. There are also prebuilt modules for the most popular ecommerce (Salesforce, Shopify, Prestashop,...) that make possible a plug and play integration for those business using this CMS platforms.